Splaine Consulting

Content experts with a dementia systems point of view

Splaine Consulting
Content experts with a dementia systems point of view


Dementia friendliness. Dementia capability. Dementia systems change.

When you think of these content areas, think of Splaine Consulting.

Policy analysis.

Advocate training. Grassroots advocacy.

When you think of these skill sets, think of Splaine Consulting.


Splaine Consulting specializes in policy and advocacy consulting on health, public health and long term care issues at the local, state, US and international levels. Our firm focuses on helping clients to secure their policy objectives and measurably improve their organization for the long term. Through advocate training, we transform the passion of professionals and cause champions into a strong grassroots advocacy network, and our policy analysis work drives advocates to achieve definable and winnable policy solutions.
  • Who we are: Michael Splaine and Kate Gordon
  • What we do: Advocate training. Design grassroots advocacy campaigns. Policy analysis. Engage community leaders. Win policy objectives. Learn more.
  • Who we know: We have been advisors to nearly every state Alzheimer plan and now advise some country level planning processes as well. Learn more.
  • What we know: We have deep content knowledge of Alzheimer’s issues, and health care policy and advocacy. Learn more.
  • Why choose us: We are essentially free agents, unlimited by ties to a government agency or contract, though with ample connections to key players in these networks. Contact us.

Read Mike Splaine's recommendations for a multisectoral approach as Barbados seeks to address the social and health issue of dementia in this article from The Barbados Advocate.
Mike Splaine, principal of Splaine Consulting, with participants at the ADI Alzheimer University training in Tokyo, Japan. Splaine Consulting's advocate training and grassroots advocacy efforts teach people to be effective cause champions and bring forth their natural leadership to implement tactics and win campaigns. 
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